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The amateur birder.....(June 2024)

I have never #professed to be a keen 'Birder', and often refer to anything I don't know as a #Duck! However, I do appreciate those that can capture the #majesty of #birds in flight and their keen eyesight when it comes to identifying species. No, I'm definitely one of these guys.......

Robin with catch

I appreciate birds for their #aesthetic importance in #photographic compositions, rather than identifying individual specimines. It appeals to the #pictorialist in me! I set out to practice in my #garden and to record some of the more #common (less exotic) birds that I regularly feed and entertain.


Those featured today are #Dunnocks, #Coal #Tits and a #Robin! Nothing spectacular I admit but as a photographer we need to practice our skills, even in subjects that we are no accustomed to using on a regular basis. The danger is that we just lose them (and that's a crime)!

Coal Tit
Coal Tit

I'm sure the real #birders among you will no doubt correct me if I've mis-identified any of them.

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