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Street Photography

For years, it has been incumbent on the photographic pioneers of the past to record the social history of the time. Much of our past has been recorded in words but the complete context of our interactions has only been fully realised when captured in an image.

It seems more and more difficult for genuine street photographers to record these images for posterity. Some will hide behind legislation put in place by authorities for entirely the wrong reasons quoting ‘privacy’, yet they take unknown quantities of phone selfies for social media and show them to the world. They go camera shy and refuse to be photographed when an actual camera makes an appearance. Many of these 'phone' images lack a sense of reality, and their meaning is lost to the casual viewer or historian.

This project, aims to emphasise the structures and interaction of different social groups (worldwide) within their immediate environment. I aim to capture the interesting and unusual, along with the 'lived' experience of the people using an unobtrusive and sensitive approach; to capture their place in the community for future generations, before we loose this ability to bureaucracy altogether.

Often referred to 'Humanist' photography, it seeks to record the human condition in everyday life situations without embarrassment, hurt or other harm to any individuals or groups. I do not 'steal your soul' but hope you will allow me to save your 'spirit' for future generations. This is a non-profit project and does not seek to gain financial advantage. Thank you for allowing me this privilege.

A selection of the latest shots can be found on Instagram

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