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The Maltese Way

The Maltese people are a reflection of various British and neighbouring Mediterranean influences. They have rich patterns of traditions, beliefs and practices which have been assimilated into their everyday life.

Generally, the older generation have a ‘collective’ attitude to maintaining their traditional lifestyles, such as fishing and outdoor conversation, but continue to adapt their way of life to modern influences like the travel industry.

This ongoing project is a mix of casual portraits depicting a population undertaking commonplace daily rituals, traditions, crafts and pastimes, bringing together a collection of narratives that seek to establish individuals in their natural environments, giving them a sense of place.

"We learn things about you by looking at your images and this is great. After all, what every artist does at the end (I mean with its whole work) is to tell its story and present its life philosophy. We could say that you are a thoughtful, optimistic, and sensitive person who loves people and respects life. You look for the exceptional in the ordinary and you try to make it visible with your personal point of view, the spontaneity, and the atmosphere of the images. You are also a perfectionist who wants to control the chaos around him through careful and tight compositions.


All images are perfectly executed and composed proving your experience. 

             -  Lens Culture Awards 2022”

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