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Tips for going on a Photo Walk

Following on from the #success of 'The 100', my successful publication of street photography images, I thought I'd share some useful tips on going on a photowalk - the starting point of any successful #street #photography trip with your camera.

1 When you walk out of the door, take the first #image you come accross (no matter how boring), it will get you into a shooting mode and used to pressing the shutter! You may also find different #angles to shoot the subject as you explore something you could have easily just walked past.

2 Allan Schaller said there is 'liberation in limitation'. Take only one lens and concentrate on your photography - not your gear. Less gear means less weight and more comfort.

3 Introduce a constraint to #boost your #creativity. Shoot one subject, black and white only, shadows, reflections etc; you'll always miss stuff but don't fret - it won't be the last walk you'll ever go on! Change your parameters for next time.

4 Follow good light - if the #light is not there, just create a little of your own! I always carry a small but powerful pocket torch in my bag. It comes in handy when you need a little oomph to the subject.

5 Follow your gut. When you #FEEL you need to take the shot, then take it even if you don't know why! The lighting may not be right or composition perfect, but don't give in to laziness, you may never get another chance.

6 Review #composition (and sharpness) if you have time before leaving the scene.

7 Always try a new direction. Change your walk because you will become stale if travelling the same path every time you go out.

8 Don't rush off after you've taken your shot. Camp out! Think about what happens next because this is usually the shot. If you have a good location the subject will always walk in when you're just about to move on!

9 Dress down and fit in with your #environment. If you stand out everyone around you will be aware of your presence.

10 Employ Zen - shut everything else out (turn your phone off). Try to impress yourself FIRST, then everybody else.

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