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Talks and Workshops

Tom Lee presenting lecture in Ireland

Would you like to learn from an industry professional? I have a range of talks and workshops available to camera clubs, small groups or 1-2-1. Choose from a range of topics below. This is not a commercial business, however due to to current demands on my time, I need to charge a nominal fee to cover my costs and expenses.

Regrettably, I no longer do conference/Zoom talks.

Use the Contact Form to make any enquiries and I will confirm my availability and fee arrangements.

Presentation Talks


As an experienced international Judge and Photographic Assessor, I can adjudicate on your digital or print competitions as required. Please discuss your requirements with me before making a booking as my expertise may not do justice to your imagery! Please note I am reluctant to judge electronically over Zoom.

(£50 plus mileage @ 30ppm over 10 miles radius of Neston)

Perfect B&W (Without Plugins)

If you’re still struggling with conversion of your colour images to true black and white, this is for you. There are endless plugins that can do it for you, so why do they keep updating and improving?

Keep hold of your money and use the tools within Lightroom or Photoshop to achieve any number of variations. Tom will go through some of the best conversions using only Photoshop and give you the 5 best ways of achieving perfect B&W without the angst, quickly and simply.

A 90min - 2hr presentation. (£50 plus mileage @ 30ppm over 10 miles radius of Neston)

Infrared Photography

A complete breakdown of infrared photography - what it is, how it works, filters versus camera conversion, colour and B&W IR, pseudo photoshop conversion, and what makes the perfect subject.


This keynote presentation breaks down the essentials of this unique form of imagery with worked examples and sample files for you to work on. Tom will show you his camera settings for you to get the images right out of the camera with minimal post production.

A 90min - 2hr presentation. (£50 plus mileage @ 30ppm over 10 miles radius of Neston)


Pictorialism emerged in the late 19th century, driven by photographers’ desire to reinvent the medium of photography as an art form, emphasising beauty, tonality and composition to elivate it to the same level as painting.


Pictorialists used soft focus, experimental techniques and processes, artisan chemicals and papers to create their atmospheric images and increase their artistic impact.


It waned with the rise of ‘straight’ photography which valued sharpness and documentary precision, but set the stage for future artistic innovation in the field of photography.

A 90min - 2hr presentation. (£50 plus mileage @ 30ppm over 10 miles radius of Neston)

Gestalt (and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts)

An insight into the role of patterns and how people look and interpret images. By understanding some basic principals, we can improve our own photography and engage the audience with our work more effectively.


Creating a well organised scene can help viewers appreciate its seperate elements as a visual whole, making the narrative easier to grasp. Tom will show some of his recent work to demonstrate the effectiveness of ‘balanced’ and ‘unbalanced’ compositions, where the ‘whole is greater than the sum of its parts’.

A 90min - 2hr presentation. (£50 plus mileage @ 30ppm over 10 miles radius of Neston)

An Introverts Guide to Street Photography

This Keynote presentation and slideshow will talk about the skills and techniques required to obtain good street photography images without unnecessary confrontation. We will also discuss equipment (and lack of), and show an array of imagery from Tom’s ‘100 Project’. 

A 90min - 2hr presentation. (£50 plus mileage @ 30ppm over 10 miles radius of Neston)


Digital Meets Analogue

An introduction to making contact negatives from digital files and their use in alternative photography. Tom will detail his method for producing digital negatives and make traditional glass plate positives.


We will discuss a ‘dimroom’ setup that can be made anywhere in the home or studio with minimal outlay. Get back into the ‘craft’ of making images the traditional way and you can truly create unique images that can enhance any photography business.


Limited to 10 places, delegates will have the opportunity to take away their own glass plates made in the classroom, under supervision from pre-prepared negatives. All materials will be provided.


A full day workshop based class. Requires a room that can be kept dark (no external light)!

(£400 plus mileage @ 30ppm over 10 miles radius of Neston)

Wet Plate Collodion

Ever wondered what it was like before digital? Perhaps even before film? Maybe from the birth of photography as we know it today? Well, here’s your chance……a remarkable experience of making portraits exactly as they were done in the 1850’s. Tom will demonstrate the wet plate historical technique in an all-day, hands-on workshop.

You may well have heard the term ‘Tintype’ before, but not really known what it was or how it relates to photography. If you would like to own your own ‘Tintype’, places will be limited to 10 participants. All necessary equipment and materials will be provided.

*        Learn about the process of Wet Plate Collodion

*        Use a 5x4” Large Format Camera

*        Learn to sensitise and develop a wet plate

*        Take and process your own Portraits

*        Go home with your own ‘one of a kind’ unique portrait

*        Free resource


(£400 plus mileage @ 30ppm over 10 miles radius of Neston)

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