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Gold Medal Success - London Salon of Photography

It’s with great pride that I announce my #award for ‘Developing News’ which achieved selection for this #prestigious #exhibition, but was awarded a #Gold Medal. This was my first foray into this #event and I was delighted to have been notified last month of my award.

Tim Pile and Tom Lee
The Gold Medal

The #presentation was made by #Tim #Pile (Secretary of the #London #Salon of #Photography) at the opening of the exhibition at the Old Schoolhouse, Churchbridge, Oldbury B69 2AS.

'Developing News'
Tom Lee and Print
The Winners Wall

The Salon was formed in 1910 (formerly The #Linked #Ring founded 1892) and its aims are ‘….to exhibit only that class of photographic work in which there is distinct evidence of #artistic feeling and execution’.

My thanks to Barry Quatermass for taking the presentation Photographs.

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